This Home is suitable for Small Families and apt for Small Plots


This is a small type home suitable for a small families. The residence type is single floor type. It is mostly suitable for square plots. The sitout is located in right side corner. Roof type is flat slab and for architectural aspects for elevation, a double sloped roof element is provided in front side window portion. Sit-out column and front wall small portions are covered by cladding tiles. Also provide plastering groves in above lintel level in slope roof portion. Charupadi is provided in sit-out.

In internal views, two attached bed rooms provided in oposite direction from drawing and living room. Living room’s have well shaped sofa sitting and dining room placed near to the living room. Kitchen work space is planned as ‘U’ shaped arrangement. Also they have hood and hob located in middle portion of center portion.

Flooring is two by two vitrified tiles and wall painting with putty finish and two coat emulsion. Bed rooms head board walls are applied texture color paint works. Also in bed room roof provided ten centimeter thick gypsum false ceiling with blue lighting cove.

Do you searching for a one of a kind and sensible sort home? Come here’s the best home for your hunt and a top of the line decision worth considering. It’s been superbly synchronized with a standout amongst the best most drifting plan, it is too hard to even think about looking far from this house. Both the advanced and customary engineering was impeccably mixed to shape this style. This is suitable for small families and apt for small plots.

There is just a single column seen directly in the start of the house supporting the sit out part. The sit out bit is additionally given a wooden hand railing which gives out a conventional touch. The dividers are structured and embellished with divider cladding’s just as parallel lines. A typical sun shade is given to the whole home structure.

The whole house is arranged and plotted over a area  with all the vital offices. the house is provisioned with a little sit out, a family room, 2 rooms, a kitchen and an open porch.


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