The Home has been Designed with the Utilization of all the Facilities for Small Families

This is a 3 BHK double floor contemporary kerala home design. In a very small plot (6 cent), this home has been designed with the utilization of all the facilities necessary for a small family. That’s why the house is known for it.

Read about this house following a constant request of the respondents, the design of the second floor of this house. The ground floors includes 2 bedrooms. In this a bed room bath attachment. There is also a pooja room. The residence, living hall, dining hall, kitchen, work area, and store facilities are also included in the ground floor.

The upper floor has 1 bedrooms. And also a common bath room. There are also facilities such as sitting area and balcony on the first floor.

In exterior face, there is providing double groove plastering and zigzag square checks for contemporary look. Porch roof has designed for fabrication pergolas with toughened glass.

A low budgeted home might be he maximum handy and stress unfastened making plans for his or her complete existence. Here is one such plan with all the necessary centers, and the spacious one too. Since it is a double stored home layout, its spacious potential is nicely maintained. The residence appears to be cutting-edge with the contemporary contact in it. The residence lack curves alternatively it owns with sharp edges and high-quality linings.

There are a commonplace solar coloration running all over the floor floor, yet in a few component external home windows are given separate shadings, for you to never spoil the beauty of the house. There aren’t many pillars seen in this residence, the only’s gift are formed sharp and easy with out a designs in it.

The plan given here surely explains the provisions done in this domestic design. The residence is given a automobile porch, a living room, a commonplace rest room, a kitchen, a dining space, a work area, and shifting upstairs, 2 bedrooms both with attached lavatory facility, a balcony and a terrace.

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