Single Floor 2 BHK Kereala Home Design in 970 Sq.ft


Intending to fabricate a home with your spending point of confinement and every one of the necessaries for a little family to live in cheerfully. Here we go, here is another structure with an advanced viewpoint with a solitary storeyed office. Inclining rooftop is selected here to protect the home. Sharp edges feature the house with a unique touch and furthermore it draws in the general population’s heart.


Barely any columns are seen directly before the house supporting the sit out bit, with a cuboidal structure and furthermore to improve the magnificence, rock claddings are additionally included. Each outer window is given separate shading which is a mix of both slanting just as shaft like projections.



The whole hose is arranged and plotted over a territory of 963 Sq Ft with all the vital offices. The house is provisioned with a little sit out, a lounge room, a feasting zone, a kitchen, 2 rooms with joined washroom and basic restroom office, and an open patio.


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