Single Floor 2 Bed Home Design in 760 Sq.ft


Do you searching for a wonderful house for a little family? At that time here is a  inconceivable house that won’t cost you much. The level rooftop isn’t just intended to be novel yet in addition to make the house look even more area. It is hard not to see the excellent stone layers advancing into the dividers and columns.

Just a solitary column is seen holding the house which bolsters just before the sit out part. The columns are embellished with the stone cladding’s and it is organized in a cuboid shape. The whole house is plotted and arranged over a zone of 760 Sq Ft with all the important offices for a little family to live in joyfully.




A warm inviting lounge which drives a way to the eating zone, the feasting zone is intended to put close to the kitchen, where the kitchen is provisioned with the sufficient work zone, 2 rooms with a mix of the appended and normal washroom, and an open patio.

Approximate Cost- 11 Lakhs


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