Low Cost Kerala Home Plan and Design

Low Cost Kerala Home Plan and Design – It feels a good attractive home which will catch your mind since it is by all aspects the most tending style in this modern time. The house resembles a cuboidal course of action, with some parallel straight lines and rectangles. The whole house is given a single floor roof structure that suits this plan the most as opposed to giving a modern contemporary look.

There are best pillars visible right in the front of the house, within the sit down out portion. These pillars are decorated with the granite cladding, which gives a great deal big look than different simple works. In between these two pillars are connected a grill which once more explains the simplicity. The external window positioned in the front of the house is boxed up in a concrete which offers away a highlighted impact.

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This is a load bearing structure, which means there is no columns provides insides the walls. Each outside window is given a case like a sunshade to shield the inside from daylight and raindrops and furthermore it is given to add on the magnificence to the whole structure exactly at the absolute first look.

The plinth area of the house is 1190 Sq Ft with all room spaces for a little family to live in kindness. The house is provisioned with a little charming sit out segment, a lounge, 3 bed rooms with all sharing normal restroom offices, dining room, a kitchen, a work area, etc.

Low Cost Kerala Home Plan

In present days cubical shaped homes are extra attractive than the curvy edges and sloppy roofs. This cubical formed residence gives out a easy and fashionable look. Actually, it gives away a modern-day styled format.

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