Kerala Style Home offers more Attractive Spaces and Fresh Looks to the Structure

A home is what most of the people crave for. Kerala is one of the states in India where people consider owning a home to be part of his/her status and pride. If you are one of them and if you are planning to purchase a home in Kerala check our all-new latest home plans. We offer quality homes with a single bedroom, dining room, sit out, living room, and many more exciting features on our real estate deals. All out homes are based on traditional or contemporary Kerala home designs.

Our motto is to serve you well and refresh your hearts with exclusive building designs. Home with access to all the facilities is one of most notable features and is an offer you can’t refuse.

  • 3 bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Kitchen with ambient work area
  • Dining room
  • Sit out
  • Living room
  • Car porch

Our entire home’s under this segment are designed and built in a contemporary style; the interior plans are second to none. We have paid extra care and attention to keep all the rooms spacious and have taken care of every minute detail. We also provide an option that enables the customer to customize the home details according to their personal choices. He/she can select the color, door handles, kitchen cabinet styles, bathroom settings, bedroom settings etc. Like we mentioned our motto is to serve you well, your satisfaction is our pleasure.

Modern domestic designs are extra trending than the easy ones in recent times. Here is a current concept domestic design with all of the vital centers. Here on this layout it’s far more specific about the roof layout, wherein the roofs are quite sloppy and and slanting. Due to the present day idea, the sloping roofs are extra choppy and the partitions are given some designs as properly.

Not many pillars are visible at some point of the residence, some are vicinity proper in the front of the take a seat out component. The ceiling of the sit down out element is given a grill like layout which complements the splendor of the house. The walls on this house are given a special design with granite cladding. Almost every outside window is given a box like structure which highlights the splendor.

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