Kerala Double Story Low Cost Home Design at 1474 Sq.ft

Kerala Double Story Low Cost Home Design – This is a two story house structure with a rooftop deck. The ground floor has an all-out floor area of 107 square meters and 30 square meters on the second floor excluding the rooftop deck region. Then the total area is 1474 Sq.ft.

This structure is expected to be raised as single separated yet in can likewise be worked with one side firewall at the carport side. the base parcel size would be 13 meters width and 15 meters profundity or a complete part region of 195 square meters. With this parcel size, the base misfortune at the correct side is 1.5 meters, back at 2 meters and front at 2.2 meters.

Structure with present-day style, the divider is rendered to be light cream painted with highlight block divider at the main’s room divider with vertical windows. The divider at the carport will be firewall whenever worked at the limit, yet in the event that with difficulty, it can have open windows with barbecues for security.

Taking a gander at the top, the solid piece rooftop is for the most part at the yard territory and carport. With enough and sound waterproofing, these rooftops would keep going for a long time. As can be seen, the rooftop channels and downspouts can be covered at the corner dividers/sections.

Kerala Double Story Low Cost Home Design

On the subsequent floor, the multi-reason live with 4 meters by 5.25 meters can be changed over to a room with extra restroom. The rooftop deck is open and a decent region to unwind, setting for little festival or a late-night date with spouse a wife seeing the skyline around evening time.

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