It’s Quite Smooth to Love a Single-Story Residence


It’s a smooth to love a single-story residence like this. The combination of colors make it appearance greater like a wooden house, yet its the simplistic architecture that deserves all the reward.

A few beautiful pillars keep up the veranda pretty well and it’s been roofed through a simple, yet barely sloping roof. The bottom of the ground ground is covered with a captivating dry stone layer which isn’t uncommon amongst lovely Kerala houses.

He tiny constructing that’s peeking out of the roof nearly looks like any other half of a floor. However, it’s been covered with the aid of an impressive terrace that can be used for plenty leisure sports as you please.

The unmarried and only floor of this residence covers a significantly expansive vicinity. Three bedrooms, at the side of 2 attached bathrooms are anticipated to be put up within this area.

There are some projections from the roof which seems like a macro home closed with the glass doorways. Windows are the following important. Only the the front home windows are given separate sun shades supported through a slanting timber piece. Not many pillars are seen, few pillars, precisely two in range is visible in front of the residence, helping the roof of the sit out location.

Even the hand railings on the terrace seem to be not anything but a easy plain wall same as the partitions everywhere in the house. You might also take notice the metal railings on the main front or near to the sit out area. These railings also are made lots less difficult because the clothier aimed to construct the residence with an awful lot simplicity. Granite embedded pillars are visible in the front of the primary entrance protecting up the porch roof.

They deliver out as any other modern layout of this architect. There isn’t even a pinch of the roof to be visible, which doesn’t mean that the dressmaker has blotted out it. The complete house plan consists to have a compact sit out, a comfy dwelling room, an expansive living room, two bedrooms one having connected toilet facility and the other sharing the not unusual bathroom, a kitchen and a piece region.

A porch with parking space for one car, a great drawing room, dining room, pantry kitchen and a work place are the alternative facilities a good way to conveniently be to be had for you.


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