A Small Single Floor House and this can Surprise your Mind

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If you are trying to make a new house as per your dream,  this building is a simplest model for you. A small single floor house and this can surprise your mind. The house attracts every person’s mind attributable to the calculatedly interior style and arrangements.

The house is supplied with an appealing vehicle porch, a take a seat out location, a dwelling room, a dining space, a kitchen, a storeroom, a piece vicinity, two bedrooms with the mixture of attached as well as common rest room facility and an open terrace.

The sitout area has designed as contemporary style like ovel shape as shown in image. That provide a fresh and new trending look to house. In master bed room, two external side walls have arranged by court yard space and it assure a modern house look. And it’s outer faces are providing vertical fabrications known as vertical pergolas with toughned glass.

A lavish living room has arranged at back side of sit out and it’s connecting by a small passage. In center portion of house, provided a court yard space like ‘nadutthalam’. It’s assuring a cool and fresh fell look to the house. Dining room is arranging on right side of central court yard space.

A good spaced bed room is provided on right side of court yard. A bed room is provided on north west corner of the house and it’s have a small sit out for watching back side greenery. Kitchen is arranging as ‘Island Kitchen’.


  • Sitout
  • Living Room
  • Prayer Room
  • Dining Room
  • Court Yard
  • Master Bed Room with attached bath room
  • 2nd Bed Room with attached bath room
  • 3rd Bed Room with siitout
  • Kitchen

Take a look on the contemporary most cutting-edge plan and design we are supplying you at the moment. This residence is made with a modern-day trending style with all the necessary facility for a family to stay in happily. From the first actual look itself, it’ll capture the enchantment of in most cases all the humans. To be frank, it’s far a combination of flat roofs that makes it pretty special.

Get prepared to be surprised after looking on the modern most brand new plan and layout we’re presenting you in the interim. This house is made with a modern-day trending fashion with all of the important facility for a family to stay in fortuitously. From the very first look itself, it’s going to trap the enchantment of ordinarily all the humans. To be frank, it’s miles a aggregate of both flat in addition to sloping roofs that makes it pretty special.


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