800 Sq.ft 2 Bed Contemporary Kerala Home Design| Free Plan


This Kerala home design is intended to be worked in 800 Square Feet . This house have Porch, sit out, 2 bedrooms, 2 bath,common shower, living, eating and kitchen . Both level rooftops just as slanting rooftop have been utilized here.The living and lounge area are very much planned and the kitchen are extremely extensive This arrangement is structured in a way for the most recent inside structures.

Every room of the house is structured in an astonishing manner. This delightful contemporary home design.The shades of blue shading are utilized to feature certain territories of this house to get a somewhat blue shading subject for the whole house.Purple bulbs are fitted on the left side which gives a shading sensation to the house.it is configuration incorporates 3 room feasting and living. It has been assembled by such refined and rich design that it makes it unthinkable turn away.

The Kerala house plans with photographs are joined below.beautiful rooftop that slants and a thick outskirt to go with it. Together they serve elevate the richness of this minimal effort house. very much arranged and executed homes are the best.


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