This is Extremely a Good Style Home

Presenting tiny house plans in Kerala at an area of one thousand square foot. This house plan consists of three bedrooms and one bath room. This is extremely a good style with three bedrooms simply in one thousand square foot. Here I’m attaching the little house design and plan. The house design is drawn by Mr. Rajesh Kumar.

The designs given to the walls, all the walls seem to be simple and traditional with undeniable designs. Some walls are anyhow given granite cladding designs. The front window is given a separate shading with all the vital facilities to protect the window railings and the external partitions from rain and extra sunlight.

You may contact him for obtaining a lot of details. Area Details of this tiny House design for Kerala home Total space: One thousand square feet. Shown below you can see small house plans in Kerala.

Room Spaces are,

Sit Out

3 Bedrooms

1 Bathroom



Building a domestic might be the dream project everybody will be having in their mind. For this, all might be looking at the designs and plans, the info regarding the budgets, provisions and all in a way or the alternative. Almost every house comes with that idea of budget, plan, and provisions.

Here on this residence, a deep sloping kind roof is opted to refuge the entire domestic structure. The roof and the adjoining partitions are made simple which gives away a conventional look. The roof is given a double-thick lining to focus on the beauty of the roof. There is an easy balcony given inside the first floor that’s lined up with the steel railing and iron bars.

The plan given above indicates only the floor, with a sit-out, a comfortable dwelling room, a veranda, a bedroom with connected restroom facility, a kitchen, a stair to climb as much as the primary ground, a bedroom on the primary floor with attached lavatory as nicely, and a balcony.

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