Single Floor Small Home Design with Floor Plan 415 Sq.ft

It is a small kerala style home suitable for small width plots. Total floor area is 415 Sq.ft. Total building width is 4.2m and length is 9.2m.

Right off the bat, the Parking outside of the house. Patio entrance is before the house 1.00 x 1.30 meters. At the point when we are experiencing a glass entryway, a little Living with dining region 2.70 x 3.00 meter is exceptionally ideal for this little house it is quite the present day. Dining Table is bolstered 3 People in this family. A multi Bathroom size 1.20 x 3.00 meters, additionally incorporate clothes washer. Splendidly Kitchen size is 1.60 x 3.00 meter, it is perfect and excellent. At last, The most significant of the house is a leave entryway from the kitchen to the back yard.

The Bedroom 1 size is 3.00 x 2.70 meters with a sovereign size bed and storage room. Room 2 is kid room 2.30 x 3.00 meters with cot bolster two child, likewise have storage room.

At long last, The Shed rooftop type is produced using Zine tile that spread above the Gypsum board roof. It makes the house look basic and present day. So also, to the rooftop outskirt shading we pick a chomp dim and light shading mix along with a major glass entryway and window to get the house look so lovely and Modern house.

Approximate cost is 7.50 Lakhs.