Kerala Single Floor Low Cost Home Design

Today we share a single floor kerala style home design. In this plan, include 3 bed rooms. In the event that you are searching for a small house plan, at that point we can help you in such a manner. Today we are here to discuss our 3 room tight house plan that is appropriate for a great deal with 1320 Sq.ft and have a width of 8 meters.

The absolute floor plan is sutable for minimum 6 cent plaot which can address the issue of a family up to 5 individuals. The plans cover 3 rooms with joined washroom (one main room has an appended restroom and other two have normal washroom) all around planned kitchen, family room.

We should state that the house you work under this arrangement is straightforward however rich height. This house has a total present day look as the rooftop is covered by the parapet divider over the roof line. On the off chance that we broadly expound of this 3 room tight house plan, the house starts with a veranda to which is covering the living zone.

The fundamental room and the 2 different rooms are set on the left side. The 2 room share a typical can and a shower at the back. A little open space is made to keep up a decent wind stream on the rooms and light in the house.