Kerala Low Cost Home Plan and Design

Here’s the elevation of an exceptional Kerala house that can be built without spending a fortune. It is, in truth, a low cost model with many centers – including a courtyard.

The unmarried and best storey of this house covers an area of 2000 square ft. Many pillars were used throughout the verandah to fashion it and that they join beautifully through a timber structure to the roof.

Speaking of the roof, it slopes stunningly and shelters the entire house. It additionally assists in making the residence appearance taller than it sincerely is.

The windows, alternatively, are tall as properly. They are almost as tall because the pillars. This will be taken as an attempt of the architect to make the residence appear tall and exquisite.

You’ll also notice how pretty simple the walls surrounding the house are. So is the same with the railings on the take a seat-out. However, their plainness serve to accentuate the splendor observed in the rest of the house.

When it comes to the plan of this residence, you’ll absolutely be left with not anything more to invite for. This is due to the fact the plan consists of 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 luxurious lavatories, a sit-out, at ease living room, expansive eating with direct access to the kitchen, stunning courtyard, and a separate study place – not to mention that all these are provided at a totally reasonable rate.

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