It is a Single Floor Home with Light Green Texture Colour

This is a 2 BHK Single Floor Low Budget Kerala Home Design, it includes all necessary features for a small family. The design orientation is a contemporary model and incorporates new trending components as well.

The plans of small one-story houses are quite popular since nowadays the limited space available in the cities forces new families to build their houses in an increasingly smaller space. Even so, you can optimize the space to get a nice house in which we do not feel compressed; Proof of this are the plans that we show you below.

Small Family Home Plan

If you have a small family and the available area you have to build your house is quite small, then you can use the following plan of small one-story houses that, while having a fairly simple appearance, fulfills the purpose of being home it is not a problem to live. The plan of this house can serve for families of up to four members since it only has two bedrooms, the main one and a double one for children.

If the house you need should only have two bedrooms, then the 3D map that we see below can be helpful. As it divides the house into only four sections, bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. But still manages to make the house looks comfortable and spacious enough to be able to live without stress.

Single Floor Low Budget Kerala Home Design

Homes for singles are as requested as those intended for family coexistence, the difference is that a single person does not need a large amount of space so the plans of small houses on one floor as shown below are perfect for small families.

This home design includes sit out, an open living room, a surrounded dining room, u shaped kitchen, two-bedrooms, and one common bathroom, etc.

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