Double Floor Contemporary Home Designs Come with their Own Uniqueness

Kerala houses are posh homes that boast in style and unique designs. The 4 BHK double floor contemporary home designs from our firm is one of the best you can get. Our expert team and worker’s pay attention to every minute detail of our building designs. Check our latest home plans and our exclusive Kerala home designs (Kerala Home Plans).

What is special about our designs? Our designs are exclusive and highly unique. Most of the people prefer having their home uniquely designed with all the features being extraordinary.

  • 4 bedroom with attached bathrooms
  • Kitchen with ambient work area
  • 2 Balcony
  • Dining room
  • Sit out
  • 2 Living room
  • Common bathroom
  • Car porch

Our 4 BHK double floor contemporary home designs come with their own uniqueness. Every minute detail in our home designs is taken care of, 4 bedrooms are given placed in such a way that there is maximum air circulation. The kitchens are designs are second to none. The front and back balcony provide scenic views.

The word home can be special to each and everybody. Most of them may be within the list of dreaming of constructing there personal designed houses. Their mind may be having a list of factors that they need to see of their residence. The first one might be the finances, then the model with the floor area and all. Usually, in recent times, we will see the majority are nuclear family whom they like to have a small simplistic home.

Here is such a small adorable domestic design with sharp edges and rectangular blocks. It has a contemporary contact in its outlooks and additionally, the designs used are extravagant. Each and every window is given an outside shading projection.

The domestic is made into construction inside an area restriction of 1400 Sq Ft with all the centers. The residence is given a small sit down out place, a residing room, a dining area, three bedrooms with attached in addition to common bathroom facility, a kitchen with a piece region, and an open terrace.

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